How to give a sensual massage

How to give a Sensual massage involves the eruption of the pleasure from the person who is massaging to the person being massaged. In other case, it is for enjoyment or pleasure for both parties. Massage is commonly seeing among a boy and a girl who are into a sensual relationship. In other way round, a woman or man can chose to be massaged but not sensually massaged from a massage therapist.

In this article, we are going to study how to massage your partners body like boobs, ass and belly to her pleasure. Not just the woman but the woman to the man also. If you have not been doing it correctly, you can be able to learn it here.Failure to give your partner the best of pleasure can make her leave you or cheat on you. This is because many men who knows how to do best are everywhere looking for opportunity. Every woman wants where she would be touched, pressed and pamper. With all this let go into the details on how to give sensual massage to your girlfriend.

How to give a good massage to your girlfriend

how to give a sensual massage

A lot of unromantic boyfriend asks this, i want to show you where to romance or massage your partner to love you more. Romance and quality massage goes in hand. This is why if you touch a woman on the nipple it triggers her to fuck you. When your girlfriend visits you, especially during the weekend, she probably needs a massage and hot romance. If you were not able to identify what she wants, watch her movement.

She might always love going near your trouser, or touching you all over or she might say she is tired. This is a time to get her down and massage her thoroughly. Make her lie down or a soft surface or bed naked. To arouse her pleasure, firstly squeeze her nipple and she would moan on top of her voice. By this she would want you more and wish you can continue.

Don’t stop the job, she loved it, romance her thoroughly by touching her whole boobs and tummy. Women enjoys touch in their boobs and down their private part. Once you notice she is screaming then, she is enjoying your massage to the fullest.


In other ways

You can also consider, going down the panties to massage her more, this could make her stress even free. Go down her panties and strip it to one side and rub the clitoris. The purpose of sensual massage is for pleasure so this would make her scream in pleasure the more. Make your woman shout your name. Shouting your name make it even more sweeter and you will be pushed to finger her the more. Women enjoys fingering than the actual sex, do not always go for a fuck.

Turn your woman back and rub it gently, she would have the best relieve of her life. If you have massage oil, you can use it on her for easy work. Massage and romance the back line as she would be moaning on pleasure. Sensual massage is the best thing your woman can always ask for just for relive. Make her neck come closer and rub it gently. Watch your woman shout ” i love you baby” then watch her clitoris vibrate for you, then she need you inside of her. You can gently slide in your dick and give her the best of pleasure to the fullest

how to give a sensual massage to your boyfriend.

Every boyfriend also deserves a good sex arousing massage to keep them fit. Massage is mainly for stress rel;ieve and its best when its from your girlfriend. As a woman; girlfriend or wife, always do this when you are with your man to keep him aroused sexually.

Get your man to the bed when you know he needs the massage most. Let him lie fit on a soft surface. Give him a blowing kiss and remove all his clothes. Get an oil if you have any or just give him a raw hand massage for sexual pleasures. Massage your boyfriend from the back down the dick and rub it gently. At this time his dick is standing hard . Help him rub it faster that he would moan. Make sure your husband or boyfriend enjoys you to the fullest. By doin this, he would know you ar ethe best woman for him. Draw him closer after massgaing his dick and massage his neck. Rub the oil on his neck to relive his stress. Then he have had enough f your pleasure and he would start pleading to fuck. Let him lie down, clim him and sit on top of his dick, ride j=him and you give him the best sensual massage of his life.

Allow him fuck you if he has the strength but i don’t suggest he fuck you. fuck him instead. Make him enjoy the pussy t o the fullest and he would cum. Grab his dick and suck it so hard. Men loves dick sucking. After that, bite his nipples slowly for more arousal. He will never forget the sex date forever. After your man has cum in your mouth, kiss him passionately and let him take his bath. He would be satisfied by then and you have achieved your sensual massage aim.


A good sensual massage can never be forgotten, it remains in the memory of both parties. If your partner is your girlfriend, she finds it difficult to cheat of you because non can be better than you. A lot or relationships breaks because of this same sensual massage. A girlfriend finds a boyfriend disturbing when he always demand for a fuck without romance. a sex without romance is a shit some women and if she finds someone who does romance than you, you have lost your woman to the air

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